Monday, June 27, 2016

Day 1: Delayed

After our tour of Wisconsin, we took the RV in for a tuneup and general safety check.   We figured a day or two.   Nope, they had it all week, and ended up staying in a hotel all week.  Finally, on Friday, we got it back and we we left our house for the last time, and were supposed to be on our way.   We made it about 60 miles before the RV started shaking so much we thought it would fall apart.   Fortunately, we had signed up for roadside assistance.   Unfortunately, it was late on a Friday, so everything is closed until Monday.   The place it was towed to called about 9PM, which was a nice surprise, but they didn't really have good news.  They are busy until July, but will try to sneak us in before then.   Until then we are stranded with relatives.    It's not the worst place to be -- on a lake, nice weather, etc.   But I am getting impatient to get going.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The first test complete

We completed our 12 day visit to Wisconsin, living in the RV.   The RV living was easy, and my family was amazing, keeping us entertained and getting us around to do things.    We saw a Madison Mallards game, toured the capitol in Madison, toured a 3000 head dairy farm and a greenhouse.   We spent lots of time visiting and chatting.

The RV survived, but we found a few things that bugged us.   Before we left we had made an appointment to take it in this week, and the Wisconsin trip showed up what needed to be done.   The good news is, they have fixes for the things that bothered us.   The bad news is it is going to take 3 days to get it all fixed.   We have no furniture at our house, so we are living in a hotel.   To complicate things, Erin apparently has Lyme disease and the flu, so she is on antibiotics but having trouble keeping them down.

All this means a lot of the things we were hoping to get done will be on hold for a day or two, and the RV is going to have a big expense.    I'm trying to take this all in stride, but at some point I'd like to hear the phrase "that is going to be cheaper and easier than you thought...."

Monday, June 6, 2016

Hitting the road

So far, our "adventure" has been cleaning houses and living in an RV in our yard and getting rid of stuff that doesn't fit.   I guess that is probably a reasonable literal match to the title of this blog, but it's not really what we had in mind.

But now, we've actually taken our first tiny steps toward the lifestyle we signed up for.   Yesterday, we packed everything up and hit the road and drove to Rice Lake, WI to visit my brother John for a couple days.

We are also starting our home schooling.   We made our first dot on the giant map we bought to track our trip.   And today, we toured a massive dairy farm.   The kids loved it.  Based on that first experience, I think the home schooling thing will work.

Anyway, it's starting to feel like the adventure we signed up for.   I think it will really begin once our house is sold and we are going places where we don't know anyone, but this should be a lovely transition.