Sunday, September 11, 2016


As we travel through these states, we like to talk about whether the state is livable or not.   For example, North Dakota gets a -1000 out of 10 on the livability scale.  Montana has some really spectacular scenery, but it didn't really feel like home, and the weather is as bad as Minnesota.

Our first surprise was Idaho, which not only has beautiful scenery, but feels very livable.   Washington is extremely scenic, but seemed really dumpy and unpleasant when you weren't immersed in that scenery.

Oregon is a state we hadn't thought much about, but like Idaho, it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. It feels very livable, and the scenery is amazing.

Our first stop was Ainsworth State Park in the northern part of the state.  Near there, we went on a hike to Punchbowl Falls.   A spectacular hike through a thick forest to a beautiful falls.

A few days later we went moved to the central part of the state, by the McKenzie River.   We went whitewater rafting, and decided we could live there and be a river raft guide next summer.  

Then we moved on to Rosenburg, OR.   This is a medium small town that also felt very homey.   There were lots of wineries nearby (we didn't have time to visit), a wild animal park, and it is a day trip to Crater Lake.

Crater Lake

I think Oregon and Idaho like being ignored, it keeps out the kind of people who are unlikely to take advantage of the beauty.

So, next summer, ready to come rafting with us?